The team is currently equipped to provide not only a search and rescue asset to the region but also a flood rescue capability. 

Flood Rescue

The team has a large proportion of its members qualified to the Swift Water Rescue Technician standard with each person being equipped with a drysuit, flotation device, helmet, boots, gloves and throwline plus ancillary equipment which costs us nearly £1000 per person to equip. 

Technical Rescue

Our members also use a large amount of rope rigging equipment, creating systems to safely raise or lower people or boats and traverse bodies of water in a rescue environment, or where a static platform is required in a river or watercourse.

Search and Rescue

We also train our members in land based search techniques, being able to provide our blue light partner agencies with trained, equipped and organised search parties to any missing persons search or major incident. 

Our Boats

The team currently has two inflatable boats with outboard engines for our water based response, accompanied by a 3m sled and other inflatable equipment.

Our Vehicles

The team currently operates two vehicles to provide transport of team members and equipment during operational incidents and training. We’re desperately in need of additional transportation so if you have something in mind that you may be able to donate, such as a minibus, crew or welfare van, please get in touch via the details on our contact page!